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Rooted in Liberatory Change & REST

How it Works

Rested Root Corp is a worker-owned cooperative of Black and Queer educators, facilitators, and organizers. We have nearly 2 decades of combined experience offering liberatory teaching and consulting to schools, universities, nonprofits, community groups, businesses, and governmental organizations.

Vulnerable. Strategic. Accountable.

Rested Root Willow 300dpi.png
Rested Root Willow 300dpi.png

Growing Liberation with our
"Tree of Change"

Seeds of Awareness

All of us have awareness buried in our consciousness that the current status quo is deeply inequitable, unfair, and unjust.

Saplings of Understanding

When nourished, these seeds of awareness will grow into saplings of understanding that our society is dominated by a system that values some lives over others.

Trunks of our Truth

We all have a truth that arises from our experience living in an inequitable society.

Rooted in Embodiment

When we root into our bodies, we deepen the resources that we can tap to heal and transform the legacies of our ancestral and lived trauma.

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