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Tropical Leaves

Growing Liberation

through our Tree of Change

Growing liberation is like raising plants. Just as there is no one way to grow a plant, our practice aims to nurture transformation while minimizing the conditions that stunt growth. Our theory of change illustrates the stages of transformation that allow liberation to flourish within ourselves, our teams, our communities, and our society. 


Seeds of Awareness

All of us have seeds of awareness somewhere within our consciousness that the current status quo is deeply inequitable, unfair, and unjust.


Some of them are buried deep within the soil of our social conditioning. All of them are viable, just waiting for the right nourishment to sprout.

Saplings of Understanding

With a little support, these seeds of awareness will grow into saplings of understanding that our society is dominated by a system that values some lives over others.


As this understanding grows we break through the crust of what we were taught to believe and develop our own perception and analysis.

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Rooted in Embodiment

When we start to realize how pervasive and foundational the system of oppression and privilege is within our society, our bodies will inevitably react.


As we deepen our embodiment, we deepen the resources that we can tap to heal and transform the legacies of our ancestral and lived trauma.

Trunks of Our Truth

We all have a truth that arises from our experience living in an inequitable society.


When we ground into that truth, we can begin to relate honestly and compassionately with others and find the fortitude to disrupt systemic oppression and privilege.


Branching Out in Our Actions

Our actions can harm or help others. By examining our relationships with those around us, we start to extend ourselves as a source of refuge rather repeating patterns of harm.


Our actions become new chances to branch out in the practice of our values.

Leaves of Learning Experiences

As our activities become more informed and expansive, we must pay close attention to their impact.


Every action offers feedback, whether positive or negative, that can be synthesized into a lesson for our continued transformation. These experiences make up a canopy of opportunities to nourish our growth.

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(Re)Seeding Liberation

When our perspective blossoms from internalizing feedback, we also gain the potential to seed awareness within others.


Liberating ourselves from systemic oppression requires fertilizing our entire ecosystem with the knowledge that none of us will be free until all of us are free.

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