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Through the Tree Branch


Our Themes and Topic Areas 

Black healing & liberation, BlaQueerness, racism, gender & sexuality, colonialism, classism, ableism, fatphobia, anti-oppression, environmental justice, food justice, Earth reverence


Breathing Exercises Guided Meditation Retreats Practicing Rest


Workshops & Trainings

All of our workshops focus on nurturing vulnerable connections and strategic solutions and begin with grounding meditation & "breathplay.


Whether virtual or in person, we craft spaces where folks feel invited to root in their body, stretch in their understanding and progress in their journey to transform oppressive dynamics and systems.

FIll out our intake form to explore how we can tailor a workshops or training to your specific needs.


Courses & 
Curriculum Building

  • The seeds of systemic oppression have been buried deep in our habits and assumptions. We design our courses and curriculums to unearth and transform these internal and external patterns.

  • Work with us to develop a course or curriculum for your program, team, class or organization that will foster embodied learning, meaningful dialogue and creative action planning. 


"Social Justice" Audits

  • Many organizations are in the process of assessing how their teams, organizational culture and programs are supporting folks with targeted and marginalized identities.

  • Bringing in a third party can be essential for reducing bias and producing a comprehensive review.

  • We offer social justice audits to help leaders identify and assess gaps between their organization's principles, practices and the lived experiences of people within the project.

  • Audits are typically conducted through surveys, focus groups and reviewing relevant documents & policies. This data is analyzed to provide a comprehensive representation of how an organization is practicing its values and how it can improve & grow.

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Public Speaking & Performance Art

We offer public speaking and/or performance art for panels, talks, speeches, conferences, classroom visits, keynote addresses and community events.

See bios of our members for more specific information on our areas of interest and experience.


Team Building & Conflict Navigation

  • Growing diverse teams and projects isn't easy, particularly when tensions and conflict arises. 

  • Our facilitated conversations about identity, power, privilege and oppression center vulnerability and honesty and help build trust and rapport among team members. 

  • For groups who are already navigating conflict, we can support reconciliation through our transformative justice framework called "Let the Conflict B.R.E.A.T.H.E.™ "

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Strategic  Planning & Recommendations

  • In a society built on systemic oppression and inequity, it is practically impossible to be in alignment with our social justice values 100% of the time. 

  • Every moment of awareness about our mistakes and failures is a precious opportunity for meaningful change.

  • Whether you are beginning a new program or project, reviewing past work, planning for the future, or navigating conflict, we can help you strategize how to be in better alignment in every area of your work, collaborations, and leadership.

  • We advise pairing strategic recommendations with social justice audits.

Rested Root is a liberatory educational and consulting cooperative. We provide a wide range of offerings designed to help our clients uproot interpersonal and systemic oppression and ground more deeply in their mission and values.

We believe that there is no “one way” to end oppression but rather a multitude of opportunities to make mistakes, learn, and transform.

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1.  "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion" describe the goal, not the practice.

The terms "diversity, equity, and inclusion" are attractive for organizations, companies or projects that want to reflect the multiplicity of identities in our society and counteract the forces of systemic oppression so everyone involved feels equally supported and shares a sense of belonging.


However, the concepts alone do not provide a clear pathway toward attaining these goals, which can make it difficult to know where to start.  In other words, DEI work doesn't begin with "diversity, equity, and inclusion." It begins with curiosity about how systemic oppression is manifesting in interpersonal and institutional dynamics and a willingness to get uncomfortable in the journey to transform those dynamics. 

3 reasons why we avoid the terms
"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" 

At Rested Root, we value meaningful and sustained change.

With decades of combined experience in this field, we're seeking clients who are ready to take their DEI journey to the next level and get into the hard conversations, tender feelings, and rigorous exploration of liberatory transformation. We're here to nurture your growth so your team, project, or organization can reap the rewards.

Our education and consultation services are tailored to your specific needs, always grounded in: 

Embodied Practice

Vulnerable Conversations

Strategic Solutions


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