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We love collaborating with learners of all ages, and we are particularly passionate about the education and personal development of young people. In our lesson plans, outings, and sharing circles we aim to foster spaces where youth can explore their imaginations, have their curiosity celebrated and their voices respected and nurtured. 

We are excited to work together with your community, school or organization to craft a customized experience where young people can make connections between historical and current issues. We create spaces where young folks ground these connections in both their local and global communities and can imagine and practice being agents of change. 


What Do We Do?

Our team specializes in one-time or recurring gatherings with students and/or families that support young people in practicing mindfulness, connecting with the natural world, learning about different forms of social justice and sharing solutions to our collective problems. This can take be through artistic expression such as skits, songs, poetry, photography, drawing and more.

Notice something that excites you or seeking something a little different? Fill out our intake form here so we can craft something that meets your specific needs.


Topics & Themes

Food & Land:

Food Justice & Food Sovereignty
Racism in the Food System
BIPOC Land Justice

& Healing

& Sustainability
Climate Justice 
Nature Immersion

& Exploration

Political Education: 

Black-American Pride

& History.

Trans and Queer Pride

& History.

Race Gender & Sexuality 

Classism & Poverty. 


Youth Advocacy

& Activism. 

Contemporary Liberation Movements.

Teaching Values Methods

and Practices: 


& Heart-Centered Movement.

Creative Expression  

& Artistic Education.

Experiential Learning. 

Local History* 

Youth Rites of Passage*

Outdoor Education.

Activism & Action Planning.

*see below for an explanation of what we mean by these terms.

Common & Former Projects

Take Action. Spark a Change!

Take Action. Spark a Change!

Multi-day, youth-led, and designed summit around environmental degradation, community organizing, and the development of sustainable solutions for neighborhoods and cities. Using a self-guided process to build their own conference, young people envisioned local solutions and identified resources and funding and sources for their team projects.

Black & Brown Power in Earthly Collaboration

Black & Brown Power in Earthly Collaboration

land-based exploration including sharing, mindfulness practices in nature spaces, and artistic expression. *NOTE: Requires access to land or transportation, and willingness to travel to public natural spaces. *Opportunities for harvesting and collective food preparation are a plus but not required. *We believe that liberation requires all people to have access to natural outdoor space especially those of us who have historically been stolen away from our indigenous lands.

Land - Based Work

Land - Based Work

We engage in land-based work in order to acknowledge ourselves and the next generations as growers, healers, and organizers. We continue the legacy of sun-kissed people who placed grains in the coils of their babies’ hair committed to harvest, wherever the journey would take them. This work confronts and honors the pain, fortitude, and brilliance of the Diaspora and challenges the oppressive narratives about Black and Brown history that pervade our school system.

Art Flows

Art Flows

A program for teen-aged youth that encourages participants to reflect on their personal experiences and ideas and eventually to express themselves through art song and other ways that traditional schooling does not always have the ability to make space for.

Notice something that excites you or seeking

Notice something that excites you or seeking

something a little different? Fill out our intake form here so we can craft something that meets your specific needs.

rites of passage

Rites of Passage can mean something specific to different communities.

This is an opportunity for youth and their caregivers and educators to demonstrate support in recognition of the youths’ maturity and growth

In collaboration with youth and guardians, Rested Root will design a space that celebrates their growth and affirms that the youth are seen, loved, and protected as they enter into this new era of life.

local history

Rested Root will work with your organization and conduct independent research in order to incorporate the history of participants and/or the history of the land we are inhabiting or coming from during our time together.


Rested Root honors the initial political and legal meaning of this word. Coined in 1989 by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw to describe how race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics “intersect” with one another and overlap, this term has since morphed and in some instances been co-opted; diluting its original meaning.

We hold dear the lens intersectionality has offered in better understanding how those of us who are Black, not male and not cisgender, are more vulnerable to violence in a society that is prone and designed to abuse and exploit these identities.

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