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"Wow...nearly speechless and so reflective over the past days from the absolutely incredible session."

"Very lovely! Great at managing and leading a workshop and facilitating topics that are not easy to talk about. Thank you!"

"I was nervous going in, and you all blew me away with your graceful ability to create a safe and sacred space. And on Zoom no less, which normally feels so exceedingly impersonal."

"You are so, so very skilled and GENEROUS to educate with such focus, clarity, strength and knowledge as well as joy, connection and spirit. Thank you."

"Beautiful souls.  Thank you for sharing your heart, time, knowledge, and creating a welcoming space to have genuine conversations."  


"I feel very profoundly how rare it is to be in a space where I'm able to truly hear and feel what everyone else is saying, as well as feel heard myself. I feel that this has helped me find the understanding and direction I was hoping for. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making a space with us so we could share ours."

"Thank you for the care and intentionality in creating these recommendations, the courage and the awareness with which you wrote it, it shines through, it is a living document that I will continue to refer to, to learn from, and to utilize to help us build a program that centers the people whose stories have been most marginalized and invisibilized."

New Growth
Purple Hyacinth

"I understand the framework from which Rested Roots looks at (and works to address) DEI concerns and have found our engagement to be VERY positive.  And while I probably don’t always see things in exactly the same way as you — or, at least, use different language/framework when looking at DEI & student support - I see the whole process (and, in particular, the recommendations offered) as incredibly helpful." 


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