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Wow...nearly speechless and so reflective over the past days from the absolutely incredible session.

Thank you so much. It was truly a pleasure to work with you.

I was nervous going in, and you all blew me away with your graceful ability to create a safe and sacred space. And on Zoom no less, which normally feels so exceedingly impersonal.

Very lovely! Great at managing and leading a workshop and facilitating topics that are not easy to talk about. Thank you!


Endless boundless gratitude for your grace and sensitivity in navigating the room of people we were and the task before you; for the altar and opening offering of water to the altar; for your modeling of doing your own work of self-education and exploration; for lifting up voices and stories of other visionary BIPOC in the room and not present; for bringing song and flair and playfulness; for your faith.

You are so, so very skilled and GENEROUS to educate with such focus, clarity and strength and knowledge as well as joy, connection and spirit. Thank you.


I want to acknowledge all the emotional labor that went into creating and making this brave space and I thank you for taking on the work of educating white folx while also centering people of color in this space/not further marginalizing POC voices in an attempt to reach white people. Also for framing things in a way that enabled me to make sense/have new language/frameworks for understanding and communicating how my experiences relate to systemic oppression versus larger -isms.


Thank you for the care and intentionality in creating these recommendations, the courage and the awareness with which you wrote it, it shines through, it is a living document that i will continue to refer to, to learn from, and to utilize to help us build a program that centers the people whose stories have been most marginalized and invisibilized.


This experience always felt like a conversation, in the sense that Rested Root welcomed, encouraged and was receptive to participant feedback and suggestions from the very beginning to the end.

Beautiful souls.  Thank you for sharing your heart, time, knowledge, and creating a welcoming space to have genuine conversations.  

I appreciated the various types of focus groups— it felt like there was a place for everybody. And if there wasn’t a group being represented, Rested Root adapted. The Rested Root team wasn’t afraid to acknowledge and address any oversights on their part and took swift but thoughtful action to correct them. I also found the ground rules that were explained at the top of the conversation really set a standard and an expectation that this truly would be a judgment-free zone and that each individual’s comfort was the priority, making it feel safe and easy to share one’s thoughts.


I liked the attempt to create a sacred and safe space with the water ritual, incense, and music. I plan to find similar ways to improve on this very westernized approach to meeting. 


The questions you posed supported us in deep, meaningful reflection; I think the experience will definitely impact our development in a positive way.



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